The historic downtown section of San Pedro is an area that is absolutely exploding with artistic life, community support and a genuine appreciation for the power of the arts. It is a town is filled with studio galleries that feature burgeoning artists, eclectic restaurants and bars, nearby hotels, a weekly farmer’s market, First Thursday Art Walks, Third Thursday Festivals and other family friendly attractions like Ports O’ Call, the Cabrillo Aquarium and the USS Iowa, which allow the theatre-going experience to transcend the performance space alone.


A developing theatre community already exists in San Pedro, with established entities like Shakespeare by the Sea’s Little Fish Theatre and the beautiful Warner Grand broadway house and the energetic, Grand Annex - situated right in our new neighborhood. In our journey towards tomorrow, we recognize that San Pedro has the perfect foundation for us to continue building towards our artistic paradise, our Elysian Fields.

Our artistic home is an eclectic wonder, with beautiful exposed red brick and wooden trusses, bringing a raw, visceral component to our work. Our first two seasons in San Pedro featured Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing, Wouldn't It Be Lovely (a My Fair Lady Story), Joan of Arc, The Underpants, The Vanek Trilogy, The Lady of Shalott and Oedipus. Each honored our aesthetic of creating theatre that is up close and personal - a shared experience. As a Teaching Theatre, the TE cycle of growth and mentorship is unparralleled in modern theatre. Beyond performances, TE's Acting Matrix Conservatory offers Sunday workshops and month-long intensives (Spring, Summer, Fall) to developing artists in acting, dance, voice and movement - taught and attended by Theatrum Elysium company members!

The name and seal of Theatrum Elysium represent a home for fearless artistic innovation and unapologetic theatrical celebration.


The theatregoing experience at TE is just that - an experience. Productions redefine the relationship between audience and performer offering raw, human stories - with immersive, imaginative staging. 

Performances are filled with passion, texture, risk and a formidable ensemble spirit. 


This is because TE breeds artists who hunger to explore, to rehearse, to journey into the creative unknown and follow that lighting bolt of inspiration - whenever it may strike. 


We believe theatre is about getting there vs. starting there. About falling in love with rehearsal. We see a playground of Wonder and Exploration an endless opportunities to be an Artistic Adventurer.


Our community of artists is made up of designers, directors, stage managers, actors, musical directors, dramaturgs, administrators, with deep integrity in craft and personal, professional pride. The Theatrum Elysium artist is dedicated to continued growth - remaining humble and hungry in training and performance.